We are recruiting!

23rd July 2015 / Posted by CRP Team

Cross River Partnership’s Recruit London project is recruiting for six roles within the team: Delivery Manager, Workplace Coordinators x 3, Specialist Workplace Coordinator, Project Support Assistant. The closing date is 2nd August 2015.


Recruit London offers a free high quality local recruitment service to businesses and helps central-London jobseekers into the opportunities created. Workplace Coordinators are based within Central London business improvement districts or landowners, to access vacancies with their member or tenant businesses. They then engage, screen and train local candidates to prepare them for the positions available. Employers and candidates continue to receive support to sustain jobs for six months. The successful project has supported over 1,000 candidates into work since 2009. The project is delivered in partnership with the Crown Estate, New West End Company, Capco and Westminster City Council.


Visit the website of our accountable body, Westminster City Council, to see the vacancies and apply. For more information contact our Employability Coordinator, Elizabeth Harris at eharris2@lambeth.gov.uk.