Walkable London 2018 Event

27th February 2018 / Posted by CRP Team

Living Streets hosted the ‘Walkable London 2018’ event on 22nd February with an array of speakers sharing best practice.

CRP presented our ‘Walkable London; best practice guide for a walkable city toolkit sharing the 9 case studies from our collaborative efforts with our project partners. We also promoted the walking projects we have recently delivered such as the Newington Estate Lighting project in Southwark.

Transport for London City Planning team spoke about building the economic case for walking investment in London. Cross River Partnership has extensive experience in delivering projects that have also contributed to the economy and local business uplift through increased footfall and creating new community and business spaces.

For more information on building a business case for walking or cycling projects that create better streets and places; The Pedestrian pound report by Living Street provides a great evidence base.

For further information, please contact CRP’s Uto Patrick