The Royal Opera House

20th October 2016 / Posted by CRP Team

The Royal Opera House (ROH) have partnered with CRP’s Specialist Workplace Coordinator, part of Recruit London, to assist in their aim to diversify their workforce.

We were invited to help with recruiting their Front of House staff. These roles are highly sought after and the recruitment process is extremely competitive; applications are capped at 500 for 25 positions.

We devised a lesson plan around the ROH competences to increase the chances of success for our client group. Although the assessments were extremely competitive, our candidate John (pictured) achieved a job outcome!

John had encountered some health issues that had resulted in some time spent recuperating. He had been unemployed since November 2015. Congratulations to John!

For more information contact Recruit London Specialist Workplace Co-coordinator Sylvia Kankasa.