The future looks bright for cargo bikes

24th April 2023 / Posted by Katherine Fairfax

Cross River Partnership was delighted to present at the National Cargo Bike Summit at the end of March which took place at the Guildhall in the City of London. The event was hosted by City of London Corporation and was the first national UK event dedicated to building a complete cargo bike ecosystem and taking cargo bikes mainstream.  

CRP Programme Manager Fiona Coull formed part of the Evidence Base Panel and presented alongside Just Economics, European Cyclists’​ Federation + FARE CITY.  Fiona’s presentation ‘Smarter, greener logistics across London’ explored a range of exciting CRP projects that incorporate cargo bikes to deliver sustainable urban logistics, including the London Light Freight River Trial and new report On track for sustainable logistics: Integrating Rail Freight into London’s deliveries.

Transport for London also launched the exciting Cargo Bike Action Plan which aims to make cargo bikes a leading option for last-mile freight and servicing trips. The plan outlines the benefits and opportunities that cargo bikes present for light freight and servicing and includes 11 key actions for achieving this overarching goal.  

CRP is delighted that some of our previous studies and trials are highlighted within the action plan and that there is a clear commitment for future partnerships! 

This action plan commits us to work with CRP and other stakeholders to address challenges affecting cargo bike growth and efficient operations. 

If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact CRP Programme Manager Fiona Coull