Specialist Workplace Coordinator Success!

29th June 2015 / Posted by CRP Team

Working with employers and the NHS to support individuals with previous mental health issues has been a great success for the new Specialist Workplace Coordinator project, launched by Cross River Partnership in February this year. We are delighted that Westminster City Council is just one of the employers that has worked with us to design a bespoke work experience opportunity to meet the needs of a candidate that required extra support before wanting to apply for paid employment.

The candidate placed at Westminster City Council was referred to us from the NHS and was specifically looking for a work placement that would enable her to build her confidence, gain up to date work-based skills while also learning new systems in a Finance team. She completed her degree in Accounts in 2010 but then became unwell just as her career was beginning. Working with the candidate to really understand her needs meant CRP was able to design an effective and relevant 4 week work experience programme with the relevant team. The candidate has now completed and is ready to start interviewing for paid employment opportunities in finance.