Recruit London

25th September 2018 / Posted by CRP Team

For the year commencing April 2018, we at Recruit London have finally recruited for all the business facing Specialist and Workplace Coordinator positions, with 8 members of staff, including the Programme Manager. We are now at full capacity and are working to ensure that we achieve our employment outcomes, as stated in the Cross River Partnership annual report and business plan; 348 employment support and 255 job starts for workless residents.

As we come to the mid-way point in the year, we are set to overachieve on our employment support and are currently below target on job starts. Now that we have everyone in place, we have put plans in place to take advantage of Christmas recruitment, which commences in October, carry on with the strides that we have made with recruitment into the Construction industry as well as our day to day brokerage.

We continue to provide a free local service to businesses, promote vacancies to attract eligible candidates’ deliver job specific training and support to candidates, screen and broker candidates into employment, and support the employer and candidates for 6 months to sustain employment. We have put in place a robust feedback process and a safe data sharing of joint work action points.

We are excited that we have built on the variety of roles that we offer, a better reflection of the needs of the residents that we support.