Recruit London Pilot

3rd October 2017 / Posted by CRP Team

CRP’s Recruit London in conjunction with Veolia and The Connection at St. Martin in the Fields have set up a pilot to work with street homeless people in Westminster. Every 6 weeks, 5 rough sleepers are actively recruited and supported to sustain employment by Recruit London and The Restart Project in conjunction with The Connection.

Laurentiu is a 38 year old man originally from Romania.  He came to London to look for employment but found himself living on the streets of Westminster.

I had been in London for two weeks.  Since coming to London, I had been actively looking for a job. I found out about The Connection and that they helped with getting people employment.  I went and registered and soon after, I was told about the ReStart Project and jobs with Veolia.  I was interviewed and I was offered a job.  They told me about the areas available to work and the time shifts.  I now work in China Town and I like working at night so my shift is 10pm to 6am.   I get paid weekly for the first 12 weeks, so I now have money in my pocket and I can start to look for accommodation”!

For further information please contact CRP’s Nikoletta Gjergji