Rail Technology Magazine’s coverage of CRP’s Waterloo Freight Hub

11th December 2023 / Posted by Ross Phillips

CRP is continuing to develop the Waterloo Freight Hub project, with the aim of converting underutilised space in Waterloo’s undercroft space into a multi-operator, zero emission, clean, green freight hub.

CRP are pleased that the Waterloo Freight Hub project has featured in various news outlets over the past couple of months, including Rail Technology Magazine and Greenfleet, showing lots of positivity and enthusiasm for a transformative project across London.

The Waterloo Freight Hub has the potential to remove large delivery vehicles from the roads, replaced by zero emission delivery methods such as cargo bikes, electric vans and walking porters. This could have huge environmental, social and economic benefits for London, potentially impacting 3.5 million people and 200,000 businesses in inner London.

CRP will also be sharing more information on the Waterloo Freight Hub in Rail Technology Magazine before Christmas, so please do keep an eye out on the next edition of Rail Technology Magazine on Thursday 21st December.

For more information about the Waterloo Freight Hub, please email CRP Sustainable Transport Manager Ross Phillips.