Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhood – Action against idling

11th December 2017 / Posted by CRP Team

Poor air quality is one of London’s top public health issues, contributing to the premature deaths of 10,000 Londoners each year. Children and older people, as well as those with respiratory health conditions, are particularly at risk from the harmful effects of engine idling, which is why it is especially important that we recognise the need to have cleaner air around schools and hospitals, looking out for everybody who lives and travels in Marylebone.

As part of the Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhood programme to improve local air quality, CRP has produced an anti-idling video to be used for training purposes for fleet drivers and to share online. It highlights the damaging health impact, busts the myths about vehicle engine idling and makes the case for positive behaviour change. Did you know, for example, that many vans use more fuel idling for just 10 seconds than stopping and restarting the engine?

The video can be shared using #DontBeIdle, #CareforAir and #MaryleboneLEN.

To find out more about the LEN, or about using an extended version of the video as part of a toolbox talk, get in touch with CRP’s Vicky Keeble or Tom Linton-Smith.