LGBT+ History Month

16th February 2021 / Posted by CRP Team

February is LGBT+ History Month – a month-long observance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer history, as well as a means of raising awareness for the issues faced by LGBT+ people. The first celebration in February 2005 saw the organisation of over 150 events around the UK. 16 years later, London’s rich LGBT+ heritage is being explored widely through online resources – from quizzes, lectures, storytelling and more. The theme for this year is ‘Body, Mind, Spirit’.

CRP’s accountable body Westminster City Council (WCC) are hosting external speaker external speaker events and opportunities to learn more about LGBT+ history in the borough this month. WCC are proud to celebrate diversity and challenge prejudice. To sign up to these events, please contact CRP’s Project Officer Rachael Aldridge for more information.