Islington Micro-Logistics Hub: A Potential Site

13th May 2024 / Posted by Guillaume Strebelle

On Thursday 18th April, under a bright sunny sky, representatives from Cross River Partnership, Decarbon Logistics Solutions, and London Borough of Islington embarked on a visit accompanied by couriers. We all converged towards the Business Design Centre – a potential site identified for our next micro-logistics hub trial. Eight potential couriers, eager to explore the possibilities, participated in the visit.

For CRP, this visit served as an invaluable opportunity to gather insights and feedback from couriers. This feedback as well as collaborative efforts of Cross River Partnership, Decarbon Logistics Solutions, and Islington Council will help identify the ideal location for the forthcoming hub within Islington’s bustling landscape! 

CRP and Decarbon Logistics Solutions can draw on two successful previous hub trials: 

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