International Youth Day – Youth Global Action

11th August 2020 / Posted by CRP Team

International Youth Day is United Nations (UN) initiative, celebrated annually on 12th August since 1999. The day promotes the education and awareness of young people among their responsibility as representatives of the future of the planet. Currently, through the Global Action for Youth, the UN encourages political actions and guidelines that support the improvement in the quality of life of young people around the world.

This year, the event “Youth Engagement for Global Action” will happen in a Podcast format in order to reinforce the importance of youth leadership in the face of current challenges, such as climate issues and COVID-19. With a focus on youth action at both local, national and global levels, the event aims to think of ways and strategies to improve youth representation and engagement in formal institutional policy by increasing democracy, contributing to better and more sustainable policies and promoting the restoration of trust in public institutions, especially amongst young people. Access the event here!

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