Happy Two Year Anniversary to the CRP Clean Air Villages Directory!

11th May 2021 / Posted by CRP Team

The CRP Clean Air Villages Directory launched on 20th May 2019, encouraging customers to consider the vehicle type used when ordering goods for delivery. When given a choice, it would be better for items to be delivered by, for example, bike or electric vehicle, compared with a diesel vehicle. CRP also wanted to promote businesses and suppliers who used such modes of transport.

Check it out for yourself: there’s everything from bread, champagne and cheese to stationery and cargo bike providers!

The website lists businesses providing their services using fully-electric, ultra-low emission vehicles, cargo bikes or by foot. The directory also lists suppliers who manufacture or lease ultra-low and zero emission vehicles. The distance from vehicle dispatch point to village centre is highlighted to support local businesses and reduce congestion. Partners of the recently launched Clean Air Villages 4 programme will all receive a tailored, local site of their own.

For further information, please contact CRP Project Manager Kate Fenton.