Halfway Point Review: Pimlico Micro Hub Logistics Trial

17th July 2023 / Posted by Isidora Rivera Vollmer

After three months of operations, we are proud to say that we have reached our Pimlico micro logistics hub trial’s halfway point! 🎉 

Data from the first three months of the trial indicates that in total, the number of e-cargo bike deliveries from the micro logistics hub have increased by 257% in the third month when compared to the first month.  

Throughout these three months, the e-cargo bikes have travelled 6,972 km, which, when compared to polluting van deliveries, led to a total emissions reduction of  

  • 2,936 kg of CO2 
  • 7,253 g of NOx 
  • 259 g of PM2.5 

These emissions savings can also be translated into these more tangible examples, by using our CRP Clean Air Tool: 

  • CO2 emissions from 60 football pitch-sized forest fires 🔥 
  • NOx emissions equivalent to what 220 people emit in one day 💨 
  • 5.8 sycamore maple trees required to filter out these PM2.5 emissions 🌳 

Read our CALL Snapshot about how we set up this hub here! 

For more information, please contact CRP Project Manager Isidora Rivera Vollmer – isidorariveravollmer@crossriverpartnership.org