Freight at Waterloo

18th July 2023 / Posted by Susannah Wilks

Work continues apace to consider the opportunity for moving more freight into Waterloo Station, London Borough of Lambeth, by rail, as well as moving freight onwards across London via zero emissions modes e.g. e-cargo bikes.

Studies are underway by organisations Network Rail, Steer and Intermodality, to:

  • Assess freight rail line timetable capacity
  • Quantify the positive economic, community and environmental impacts of a rail-fed freight hub at Waterloo
  • Identify exemplar case studies of best practice for any future hub to aim towards

The studies are being funded by CRP’s Defra Air Quality grant, as well as by the Great British Railways Transition Team (GBRTT).

Study results will be available before Autumn. For further information please contact CRP Sustainable Transport Manager Ross Phillips – or CRP’s Director Susannah Wilks –