Emissions-based Parking Charges to be Introduced in Westminster

27th February 2024 / Posted by Illyas Kambala

Westminster City Council have announced that they are introducing emissions-based parking charges for residents who drive into the city.  

The scheme will see vehicles being charged relative to the levels of CO2 they produce. Vehicles that produce less CO2 will be charged less in comparison to those that produce more.   

The aim is to encourage residents and people who drive into the city to switch to low polluting vehicles and improve air quality. The charge to park EV’s in the borough will remain low at the equivalent of £1.50 a week to park outside the residents’ home, visitors who pay to park will also still pay less than those driving petrol and diesel cars. 

The changes are designed to help Westminster reach its goal of becoming Net Zero by 2040 and tackle poor air quality that contributes to thousands of premature deaths in London each year. 

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