Doing Our Bit

21st October 2022 / Posted by CRP Team

As the cost of living crisis escalates, CRP and partners are doing our bit to consider every possible avenue of support that we can make available. 

Although CRP’s projects are geared towards improving the environment that we all live in, we are always trying to deliver as many financial benefits as we can too. 

To this end, we are continually reviewing all of our projects to see how we can contribute to tackling the hardship that we know London’s communities and businesses are facing.   

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle makes good financial sense as well as good environmental sense. Circular Economy approaches are becoming more important than ever. Solutions like Junee’s reusable lunchbox containers are out there, we just need to make more effort to change our behaviours. 

As part of setting up new sustainable freight trials, CRP is giving full consideration to incorporating food surplus distribution elements into the model.  This will help local communities, including hostel communities, businesses and their ESG credentials, and the planet at large. Watch this space! 

Our track record will stand us in good stead. The ‘photo is a reminder of how we worked with partners to deliver food bank parcels to people’s homes during the Pandemic Lockdown. 

If you have any ideas about how you’d like us to adjust any of our project delivery to be even more helpful, please get in touch!

Susannah Wilks, CRP Director.