deliverBEST progress

18th September 2017 / Posted by CRP Team

More than 60 businesses have participated in CRP’s deliverBEST programme in recent months and received practical, proven solutions to make deliveries to their central London sites more efficient. Recommended actions are saving time and money while reducing traffic congestion and improving local air quality.

By completing deliverBEST’s quick online questionnaire at businesses receive bespoke recommendations that can help uncover efficiencies. CRP’s deliverBEST team are then available to provide 1:1 support, provide implementation insights, measure results and share best practice via workshops.

deliverBEST has been developed by Cross River Partnership, is supported by Defra and the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund and is delivered with partners including Better Bankside and Victoria BIDs.

For further information please contact CRP’s Project Manager, Brendon Harper.