CRP’s Staff Spotlight On: Joshua West

2nd March 2021 / Posted by CRP Team

This week we are featuring CRP’s Communications & Business Development Manager Joshua West, who is leading on CRP’s internal and external communications across all projects.

As part of my role at CRP, I have the privilege of getting to dip my toes into lots of different projects, ensuring that the amazing thing we do reach the right people at the right time. Since March 2020, the team and I have been working remotely from the comfort of our bedrooms, lounges, kitchens and sometimes garden sheds. Communication has never been more important to succeed across our portfolio of innovative programmes that are helping London’s residents, businesses and visitors to build back greener, cleaner and safer. I work on the ‘cradle to grave’ aspects of communication across CRP’s projects, from composing roadmaps to launch new website tools for our partners, to finessing the final touches to a social media campaign and empowering the team to utilise the next best design tools to make their projects shine. What I enjoy the most about CRP is the practical and positive changes we deliver, the cross-cutting nature of our work with partners, and the opportunities to think creatively to solve some of London’s most pressing challenges.