CRP’s Spotlight On: London & Partners

11th May 2021 / Posted by CRP Team

This week’s focus is on CRP Strategic Agency partner London & Partners. We heard from London’s Business Growth and Destination Agency about the organisation’s contribution to the capital city. 

London & Partners is celebrating ten years of being the business growth and destination agency for London. Since we were founded in 2011, we have created £1.5bn in economic growth and nearly 70,000 jobs in London by promoting the city as a place to invest, grow, study and visit.

The organisation has also made an important contribution to London’s brand with high impact media and marketing campaigns for the city. The focus is about both telling London’s story but, importantly, supporting everyone who wants to be an advocate for London to tell their story brilliantly. For 2021/22, we have published a new strategy with the aim of helping power London’s reinvention during its recovery as well as maintaining and enhancing its position as a global city. The global pandemic has affected some sectors and communities disproportionately which is why our renewed mission focuses on delivering resilient, sustainable, inclusive growth.

In that context, London & Partners will focus on supporting businesses in high-growth sectors to scale, attracting visitors and events, growing London’s reputation and creating partnerships and profit-making ventures. In the shorter-term, however, we have a job to do to breathe life back into the city as lockdown restrictions ease. Domestic tourism has never been more important, with 1 in 5 people in London working in culture, hospitality and retail and to help drive the wider economic recovery.

That’s why London & Partners have helped launch the largest domestic tourism campaign London has ever seen. Business districts, the culture and hospitality sector, Transport for London and the Mayor of London have all come together for a major advertising push – Let’s Do London. Its aim is simple – to bring as many people from across the UK to the city as possible to make the most of this unique period. Most importantly it will fun, affordable, accessible and will protect jobs.