CRP’s Next Event!

30th March 2022 / Posted by CRP Team

CRP’s Connect 4 Series: Session 3 is taking place on Thursday 31st March, 4pm – 4:45pm.

This interactive event will examine ways of mitigating the negative impact of road traffic in London, through reduction, innovation and legislation. 
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Rail freight has the ability to take many polluting delivery vehicles off the road and transport large amounts of goods into central urban areas. CRP’s latest study features interviews with rail operators, businesses, local authorities and BIDs regarding their experience with rail freight and covers freight train adaption, passenger train adaption and learnings and recommendations.
The construction industry is also making steps to reduce their carbon footprint, and Construction Logistics Plans (CLPs) are a large part of this. Jacobs will examine the efficacy of CLPs and other ways in which construction companies can manage their impact on the environment.

The speakers for Session 3 are:

1. Isidora Rivera Vollmer, Project Officer, Cross River Partnership

2. Ollie Bolderson, Principal Consultant, Momentum Transport

3. Mark Thirkell, Morag Robertson and Gordon Sutherland, Jacobs


For more information, please contact CRP Communications Project Manager Rachael Aldridge.