CRP’s New River Freight Pilot

25th May 2022 / Posted by CRP Team

With deliveries into the capital set to hit over 1 billion per year by 2030, river freight has the potential to reduce both congestion and pollution in London.  

As a result, CRP is very excited to announce the imminent launch of our brand new river freight pilot, connecting businesses and their suppliers via the Thames. For the pilot, CRP are working with Northbank BID, Port of London Authority, Complete and iRecycle to make up to 3 deliveries a week bringing office supplies into Central London, and taking recycling from businesses out of the City Centre.

The pilot is set to launch in June, so keep an eye out for its progress on CRP’s Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for updates!

CRP have also recently released guidance documents related to river freight, including ‘Getting Started with River Freight: A Guide for Businesses’; ‘Clean Air Villages 4 Project Butler’s Wharf and Dartford Pier’, monitoring air and noise pollution on a vessel and two piers, and ‘Light Freight: Design Solutions for Thames Freight Infrastructure’

Read all of CRP’s guidance documents here