CRP Team Away Day

4th October 2017 / Posted by CRP Team

Cross River Partnership hosted an exciting team away day on the 26th Sept. This commenced with job shadowing between Recruit London and Deliver London team members to gain greater insight into each others’ projects. This was followed by an opportunity to have round-table interactive sessions that polished ‘elevator pitches’, maximising our social media impact and finally a ‘thought shower’ on the 4 CRP objectives:

  • Sustainable Employment Opportunities
  • Economic Growth and Prosperity
  • Air Quality and Carbon Reduction
  • Making Places that Work

We were very privileged to have both public and private sector co-chairs attend at intervals during the day and inspire the team to continue working hard on ‘Delivering London’s Future Together’.  Thank you to Councillor Wendy Hyde and Simon Pitkeathley!

For further information please contact CRP’s Susannah Wilks.