CRP Secures European Funding

12th April 2024 / Posted by Susannah Wilks

CRP is really pleased to have secured £0.5 million of Horizon Europe funding, for the first time since Brexit occurred! 

The project, called JUST STREETS, encompasses a team of 30 partners from 17 countries, including 12 cities representing more than 4.5 million citizens. 

JUST STREETS will tackle fair and sustainable travel and use of streets and public spaces.  In London CRP will deliver three demonstrator interventions with its CRP partners – watch this space for further details about how to get involved! 

Westminster City Council has signed the Consortium Agreement on behalf of CRP, as RP’s legal entity. 

CRP is continuing to finalise arrangements with UKRI, the European Commission’s appointed UK agency. 

For further information please contact CRP JUST STREETS Project Manager or CRP JUST STREETS Project Officer