CRP Conversations: Transport Equity

11th December 2023 / Posted by Katherine Fairfax

In November, CRP hosted our last CRP Conversations which focused on the topic of Transport Equity. The session explored different understandings and applications of equity in transport research, policy, and delivery. 

Speakers from Active Travel Academy, Centre for London, Pedal My Wheels and Cross River Partnership discussed the social impacts of transport policymaking, planning, and delivery, and the measures that can be taken to reduce barriers to and improve opportunities for sustainable transport. 

We would like to thank Dr Tom Cohen (Active Travel Academy), Millie Mitchell (Centre for London), Alper Muduroglu (Pedal My Wheels) and Sefinat Otaru (Cross River Partnership) for such an informative and engaging session.   

A recording of the session, speaker slides and relevant publications can be found here. 

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