CRP Attends Varamis Rail Event Showcasing Their New Electric Freight Service Into London

19th March 2024 / Posted by Ross Phillips

On Wednesday 13th March, some of the Cross River Partnership team attended the Varamis Rail Event, Introducing Sustainable High-Speed Rail Logistics into the heart of Central London, at Liverpool Street Station.  

The event provided a great platform to demonstrate how a converted passenger train can be used to deliver high volumes of freight into central areas of London. The converted passenger trains have a significant amount of space and could remove an estimated 40-50 lorries from London and the South-East’s roads each journey it replaces. Speakers Peter, Lord Hendy of Richmond Hill, Chair of Network Rail, Steve Evans CEO of XeroE, Phil Read, Managing Director at Varamis Rail, and Scott Wilding Principal Strategy Planner at the Transport for London Freight Team spoke about the potential for this to change the way deliveries are made into and across London. 

Zero emission cargo bike operators were at the event, and XeroE’s containerised cargo bike was able to seamlessly wheel on and off the carriage, showing how modes can be mixed to create an end to end sustainable freight solution.  

CRP are excited to build on the momentum through the Waterloo Freight Hub project, where CRP are aiming to set up a 6-month road-fed trial at Waterloo Station.  

For more information, please reach out to Ross Phillips, Sustainable Transport Manager, on