Creating Healthy Streets to Combat Air Pollution

10th May 2024 / Posted by Sarah Meertens

After successfully securing Mayor of London funding, CRP has initiated its Healthy Streets Everyday II (HSE II) programme over the past month. We’ve started collaborating with our 12 programme partners, comprising of 6 local authorities and 6 BIDs, to implement projects aimed at enhancing air quality across London in the coming 3 years. 

HSE II builds upon the Mayor of London‘s ongoing efforts to combat the issue of excessive reliance on private vehicles. Recent data indicates a 65% reduction in air pollution in Central London since 2016, with roadside nitrogen dioxide levels halved, achieving the lowest annual levels ever recorded. These achievements are directly attributed to initiatives like the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), the transition to electric and hybrid buses, and the decreased use of high-polluting private vehicles. 

Despite these gains, air pollution remains a significant health concern, contributing to an estimated 4,000 premature deaths among Londoners in 2019, with pollution levels projected to exceed the World Health Organisation’s safety threshold even by 2030. 

Research from Imperial College’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering suggests that single measures like the ULEZ are insufficient to address air pollution. Instead, a range of policies and measures is needed to reduce emissions across sectors. 

Aligned with this perspective, HSE II works to combat air pollution by improving access to green spaces, promoting active travel and walking routes, establishing permanent school streets, and promoting low-emission transport infrastructure. We are very excited to see projects getting implemented over the next 3 years! 

For more information on Healthy Streets Everyday II please contact HSEII Project Manager, Ross Phillips