Clean Air Action Fortnight

24th March 2016 / Posted by CRP Team

Over a 2 week period, Cross River Partnership has been promoting the #noidling message through the Clean Air Action Fortnight (highlight days 9th and 16th March).

Hundreds of drivers across central London have been engaged by our trained ‘change-makers’ asking them to switch off their engines when stationary to reduce local air pollution. The goal is to change the behaviour of all those we engage with and spread the word more widely through a London wide campaign.

We had trained around 80 change makers and equipped them with high-visibility jackets with ‘Air Quality Champion’ on the back, myth busting information leaflets explaining the health impacts of vehicle emissions and some branded air fresheners to reward drivers with.

Our first action day on March 9th saw 50 air quality change makers out on the streets in Central London engaging directly with idling drivers. Drivers were asked to switch off and rewarded with a thank you air freshener to hang in their vehicle to remind them of the no idling behaviour.

Air pollution affects us all, so it’s critical that we come together to take action in our communities. Cleaner Air Action Fortnight was possible because it drew on input from the participating local authority partners, Business Improvement Districts, Global Action Plan and King’s College London, which is measuring the impact. By showing that collective action works, we hope to galvanise further action.

The air quality champions have spoken to over 650 drivers about what they can do and we hope that this type of project will be the beginning of an on-going discussion to heighten their awareness of their role in improving air quality.

For further information contact CRP’s Air Quality Champion: Uto Patrick