Air Quality Funding Opportunity

29th June 2015 / Posted by CRP Team

The Mayor of London has launched a second round of Air Quality Funding (MAQF2), with a total of £8 million available to be spent between April 2016 – March 2019 (3 years). £2 million of this will be set aside for two Low Emission Neighbourhoods (LENs), leaving £6 million for all other standard projects.

This MAQF2 falls within the Mayor’s commitment of £20 million in funding over 10 years to help local authorities reduce air pollution. The first round of the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund (MAQF1) supported over 40 innovative projects including Cross River Partnership’s (CRP’s) Clean Air Better Business.

CRP on behalf of Westminster City Council and its sub-regional partners aims to submit a proposal which will focus on the £6 million pot for standard projects. MAQF2 provides an excellent opportunity for CRP and partners to reap maximum rewards from the development time already put in for MAQF1. It also provides the chance to offer even more services and more innovation, to business and residents. The CRP MAQF2 bid would be additional to any other bids that CRP partners also wanted to directly support.

The deadline for outline applications is 31st July 2015, and full standard applications is 14th September 2015.

Partners that are interested in participating in MAQF2 should contact CRP’s Air Quality Champion
Uto Patrick at:


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