9 South Bank Sensors

5th December 2022 / Posted by Ross Phillips

CRP have now expanded the number of traffic monitoring sensors from 5 to 9 in the South Bank BID area, providing more detail and support to the South Bank BID on movements of people and vehicles in the area.  

This is providing South Bank BID with: 

  •  A clear understanding of the numbers of pedestrians, cyclists, cars, vans, lorries and buses  
  • Estimated emissions from CRP’s Transport Emissions Calculator 
  • Analysis of how movements of people, cyclists and vehicles change throughout the day  
  • Rigorous data cleansing and identifying of anomalies  
  • Easy to understand and accessible analysis and writing that identifies potential reasons for changes in values  
  • Clear evidence and data for their public realm decision-making 

If you’d like to hear more about CRP’s data analysis and monitoring services, please contact CRP Sustainable Transport Manager Ross Phillips, rossphillips@crossriverpartnership.org.