4 Digital Tools Launched

5th December 2022 / Posted by Sefinat Otaru

Over the past year, CRP has revamped or developed four tools to help Londoners live and work more sustainably. 

  1.  bizcargobikeguide.london is a resource aimed at London small and medium businesses who are considering using cargo bikes and want to understand what it entails. 
  2. clickcollect.london has been updated with current couriers as well as new feature which shows the active travel time to each pickup point. 
  3. sustainablesteps.london helps small business owners tackle sustainability by addressing one manageable task at a time.  
  4. transportemissions.london helps fleet operators estimate emissions from the trips around London by road, river or rail. It also provides a “snapshot” of emissions generated by traffic in a specified location. 

The tools were developed as part of the Technology Strand of Clean Air Villages 4 project which was funded by Defra and led by Westminster City Council in collaboration with 26 partners. Read about the other strands, Consolidation, Distribution, Mode and Policy here.