House of Commons New Inquiry: Urban congestion

16th December 2016 / Posted by CRP Team

Cross River Partnership has submitted a response to the House of Commons Inquiry into urban congestion. In our response we acknowledge the growing impact of traffic congestion on London and recognise that the increasing demand for road space is causing congestion leading to unacceptable impacts on London’s productivity and Londoners’ health. Please see the full CRP response here.

CRP recognises that the effects of transport congestion are set to increase as London’s demand for goods and services rise alongside expected population growth. The impact of traffic congestion on poor air quality is of particular concern to CRP, its partners, and increasingly the general public. Many of our projects seek to address these issues.

Our response suggests that there is not one solution to solving the problem of traffic congestion, there may need to be some city-wide initiatives in addition to local projects to address specific issues.

Overall, helping individuals and businesses understand how their purchasing activities impact upon delivery journeys, and a modal shift to healthier forms of transport are key to realising long-term change.

We must ensure that London remains an attractive place to do business and that our urban environment enhances the quality of life and health of workers, residents and visitors alike!

For further information please contact CRP’s Transport Officer Jane Overington