Recruit London Candidate Success

16th October 2018 / Posted by CRP Team

Nikoletta Gjergji, Recruit London’s Specialist Workplace Coordinator  supported Kristina Matia to secure her new role at Residential Management Group, with Christine Allen.

In Christine’s words:

“I used the Recruit London service for a vacancy I had to fill for a Housing Advisor.  I found the process extremely easy and they met the requirements for the type of candidate I required well.   They liaised with me from the start of the process until the actual recruitment of their candidate was achieved.  Our new Housing Advisor is doing well and is on track to become an asset to our team and organisation. I am very happy with the Specialist Workplace Coordinator (Nikoletta Gjergji) that I dealt with and also with the candidate.  I will certainly be using them again for future vacancies”.

Prior to being supported by CRP’s Recruit London service, Kristina had been unemployed for over 10 years due to raising her children and having health issues, which prevented her from gaining employment on her own.

For more information or to make a referral, please contact Recruit London’s Specialist Workplace Coordinator, Nikoletta Gjergji.