Clean Air Better Business

The Mayor estimates that the negative health impacts of poor air quality in London cost circa £2bn annually.

In February the European Commission commenced legal action against the government for breaching EU safe limit targets. In 2013 the Mayor, supported by TfL, launched the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund (MAQF) providing match funding for innovative schemes to tackle air pollution. The fund offers £6m over the 3 years from 2013/14 to 2015/16. CRP secured £330k and has received pledges of £308k in match funding from BID and Local Authority Partners for delivery over 14/15 – 15/16.

The Clean Air Better Business (CABB) programme, will mitigate pollution emanating from the taxi and freight industry in the sub-region. CABB programme will deliver:
• Air quality awareness raising and capacity building with BID members and the wider business community;
• Air quality widget – to raise awareness, stimulate action and enable exposure mitigation;
• Delivery Servicing Plans for BID members and businesses – to rationalize movements, reduce traffic and congestion and achieve time, cost and emissions savings;
• Travel to work planning – to make travel to work more sustainable;
• Reviews of local taxi rank locations – to optimize taxi usage in an area, offer eco-driver training, increasing hiring off rank and reducing plying and idling and positively impacting emissions;
• Evaluated zero and low emissions vehicle directories of suppliers – to enable businesses to choose to use ZLE vehicles providers/services;
• Embedding sustainable procurement in public sector, focusing initially on scalable institutions like schools, hospitals and libraries;
• Promoting the uptake of electric vehicles by local authorities and business through awareness raising, trials and local strategy and implementation development.

CABB will seek efficiencies and saving for partners,alongside those delivered through its Freight Electric Vehicles and Last Mile Logistics programmes, and its Supply Cross River procurement (including green procurement)programme.

“Clean air is better for business. CABB will deliver activities and interventions to mitigate transport based emissions in the central London sub-region.”

Uto Patrick, Air Quality Champion

Team members

Uto Patrick

Air Quality Champion

Brendon Harper

Project Officer

Susannah Wilks


Project stats

Key service suppliers delivering by zero and low emission methods operating in the central-London sub-region have been contacted and evaluated
BID partners to host the CABB Air quality widget on the website
Eco-driver training course delivered