Railton Low Traffic Neighbourhood

In the Railton neighbourhood we will be introducing “bus gates” in 3 locations (Atlantic Road, Marcus Garvey Way and Herne Place) and modal filters in 2 locations (Shakespeare Road and St Matthews Road)

  • The 3 temporary bus gates on Railton Road will open up the streets to people walking, cycling and taking the buses. Essential vehicle movements such as emergency services, 322 bus and refuse collection will still be able to use the street as they do now.
  • The 2 temporary modal filters will open the streets to people walking, cycling and to essential services only making these streets accessible from either end, but vehicles will not be able to drive through, end to end.
  • Business and social distancing space will be created by extending footways in the carriageway. We will do this by changing the appearance of the carriageway through the introduction of colourful asphalt art installations to provide a flexible space for businesses to load, to accommodate customers social distancing and to provide opportunity for local businesses to extend their operations on the space created with, for instance, additional tables and chairs.

All temporary traffic restrictions will be delivered by introducing a combination of community planters, traffic signs and ANPR cameras. These restrictions will be clearly marked with advance warning signs located on surrounding roads as well as with clear traffic signs at the point where the traffic restriction will be enforced.

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