Clerkenwell Green – Low Traffic Neighbourhood

Clerkenwell Green, like many neighbourhoods within the borough, has suffered from increased traffic volumes in recent years from the use of the area as a short-cut.

  • We have installed traffic filters at Clerkenwell Green where it connects to Aylesbury Street, Sans Walk and Corporation Row.
  • Physical traffic filters with bollards are in place on the connecting road between Clerkenwell Green and Aylesbury Street and at both ends of Sans Walk between St. James’ Walk and Scotswood Street.
  • Camera-enforced traffic filters allowing access for local bus services and emergency services are in place at both ends of Corporation Row.
  • An updated experimental traffic order (ETO) was advertised on 8 January 2021, and became active on 15 January 2021. This ETO and its associated changes were introduced to improve advanced warning of the camera enforced filters at Corporation Row, and to give drivers the opportunity to take an alternate route before they turn into Corporation Row from Skinner Street. Please refer to the Delegated Decision Report for more information.
  • The traffic filters will help achieve the council’s wider ambitions to redesign Clerkenwell Green to create an improved public space, as consulted on and supported by a majority of respondents in 2017. The council is working to deliver this public space scheme in 2022.
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