West End Partnership Delivery & Servicing Programme

The West End Partnership (WEP) Delivery & Servicing Group, chaired by Alison Gregory, of The Northbank BID, has been set up to take an overview of the great work being delivered to reduce the impact of freight in the West End and to develop a freight plan for the WEP area.

The West End supports London’s £22 billion visitor economy. In 200 million visits a year people spend an estimated £11 billion in its hotels, restaurants, bars and shops, which in turn support 200,000 jobs across the capital.  The West End Partnership (WEP) is investing almost £500 million over the next 15 years in the West End to improve the area, encourage growth and ensure that it continues to be an exciting and modern world-class destination.  The West End Partnership is formed of London Borough of Camden; Westminster City Council; Transport for London; Greater London Authority; local Business Improvement Districts, residents, business and more.

As part of this work, WEP have set up a Delivery & Servicing Group to pull together all the current projects working to reduce freight. The development of a plan to 2020 will ensure that enough is being done to keep the West End moving, with goods and services coming and going efficiently. The programme will look at reduction, re-timing and consolidation of freight movements, in addition to increasing ultra-low emission vehicle projects to deliver commercial, health and air quality benefits.

Cross River Partnership is providing programme management and support to the WEP Freight Group.  Three meetings were held in 2016-17.  Cross River Partnership has developed a website (https://crossriverpartnership.org/WEPFreight/) showcasing work that members of the Delivery & Servicing Group are delivering.  This tool has been developed to encourage knowledge sharing and to help identify areas which may require more support when developing a Delivery & Servicing Plan for the West End.

CRP Team members

Susannah Wilks


Vicky Keeble

Deliver London Programme Manager

Tom Linton-Smith

Transport and Sustainability  Officer

Project stats

Meetings of the Deliveries and Servicing Group held in 2016/17
Freight best practice website - crossriverpartnership.org/WEPFreight

Project partners

Camden Residents Association