The Cut

A sustainable and innovative refurbishment has made The Cut one of the greenest and cleanest streets in London.

Crossing through both Lambeth and Southwark Boroughs, The Cut has become a destination in its own right It hosts a number of retail outlets, restaurants and bars, as well as the Young Vic, Old Vic and National Theatre Annex.

In December 2006, TfL with additional funding from the European Union HST4i programme, agreed to fund a facelift for The Cut, project managed by CRP. The project sought to address the poor state of the urban realm, such as narrow footways, poor quality lighting, vehicle dominance and lack of planting. Historically The Cut had also been used as a rat run by large volumes of traffic between Waterloo and Blackfriars Roads.

The aim of the project was to make the area more attractive for residents and businesses, people who work locally and visitors to the area, through a series of major physical improvements.

Improvements included:

  • Piazzas have been created along the road, with outdoor dining being encouraged
  • Installation of solar powered parking meters
  • 48 trees planted
  • A self enforcing 20mph roadway
  • Installation of 38 new cycle racks
  • Widened and repaved footpaths
  • A new waste management system
  • Improved lighting
  • 6 new benches installed
  • New pedestrian signage