Supply Cross River 2

Developing Supply Chains in Central London

The Supply Cross River 2 (SXR2) project finished in March 2015. This project has been a huge success, with a number of targets being overachieved.

SXR2 was an initiative developed by Cross River Partnership, which opened up supply chain and procurement opportunities to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in central London. It promoted supplier diversity and sustainable procurement to buyers, further stimulating local economic growth. Through a combination of business support activities, SXR2 helped local SMEs across all sectors increase their tendering compliance, improve their competitiveness through skills development and become procurement ready and fit to win.

SXR2 also worked with buyer organisations, highlighting the benefits of local and sustainable procurement and sourcing and brokering contract opportunities to SMEs. The project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the London’s ERDF Programme.

The end of project evaluation can be found on this page for further details.

“Supply Cross River 2 has been a fantastic advocate for local firms like ours and is making sure that local businesses get a fair share of the investment going on in their area. It is a great programme which is having a very positive impact on our business - it helped us to bid for projects we would have no way of knowing about and given us confidence to go into a new market.”

Matthew Cleveland, Senior Account Manager, Bright-A-Blind Ltd

CRP Team members

Carol Quamina

Operations Manager

Project stats

Around 80 events have been held as part of the project including one of the largest Meet the Buyer events in London
Around £7m worth of contracts have been won
Over 600 businesses have registered onto the programme to date

Project partners