Oxford Street West District Delivery & Servicing Research

As part of the wider West End Partnership Programme, Cross River Partnership has been commissioned to deliver the Oxford Street West Business Engagement project, working with businesses to understand patterns of freight movement and identify improvements that will reduce traffic congestion and improve local air quality.

CRP are working on behalf of Westminster City Council, New West End Company and Transport for London to understand how businesses receive deliveries and servicing.

The main priorities of this research is:

  • to gain a better insight of deliveries and servicing vehicles movement in the Oxford Street West area;
  • to begin engagement on freight with businesses to build relationship and forums to discuss issues;
  • to help businesses understand the impacts of their procurement on the local transport infrastructure;
  • to identify areas where the impact of delivery and servicing vehicles could be reduced.

The CRP Deliver London Team have completed observation studies across the area and are now engaging with local businesses to understand their delivery and servicing requirements.

With the growing number of people living and moving to the West End, Cross River Partnership is committed to ensuring that the West End remains a vibrant destination to work in, live in, and enjoy. If you would like to participate or require further information about the research, please contact Vicky Keeble at vkeeble@westminster.gov.uk.

CRP Team members

Vicky Keeble

Deliver London Programme Manager

Amandeep Kellay

Deliver London Project Officer