Marylebone Low Emission Neighbourhood (MLEN)

The Marylebone LEN is a partnership between Westminster City Council and local stakeholders, including businesses, landowners and residents, with many of the core projects led and delivered by its stakeholders.

Cross River Partnership (CRP), jointly working with Marylebone LEN stakeholders, is delivering a programme focused on reducing emissions from freight, and smart delivery and servicing activity in the area.

CRP also leads the interim project management for urban realm improvements including greening, and streetscape enhancements to encourage more walking and cycling throughout Marylebone

Smart deliveries and servicing initiatives delivered by CRP:

  • Enhancing business engagement activities – promoting improved approaches to delivery and servicing, and providing a directory of green suppliers. MLEN businesses can begin to make cost savings and work towards improving air quality through signing up to a preferred supplier scheme in the free-to-join West End Buyers Club.
  • Smarter delivery management – helping businesses identify relevant actions to reduce the impact of deliveries using the deliverBESt online tool.
  • Redirect personal deliveries –  encouraging people to receive deliveries nearer home rather than in the workplace using ClickCollect pick up points.
  • Emissions based parking – a pilot scheme to encourage the use of existing EV charging points.
  • Electric vehicle charging – an on-street EV charging scheme that can be used by local residents and visitors.
  • Anti-idling programme –to encourage drivers to switch-off their engines when stationary.
  • Improving how taxi drivers locate available taxi ranks via the ParkRight smartphone app.
  • Improving air quality near schools – hosting Play Street events and a hands-on school engagement programme for pupils.

Urban realm project management and stakeholder engagement

The network of streets in Marylebone are some of London’s most distinguishable. CRP leads the project management for the design feasibility and stakeholder engagement of the LEN urban realm improvements. The improvements to three core streetscapes in the LEN; George Street, Paddington Street and Marylebone High Street are designed to enhance the pedestrian experience and will incorporate wider footpaths, more trees, planters and shrubs and better street crossings.

Changes to the roadway will create a pedestrian experience that is vibrant and inviting, attracting visitors and residents year round.

Online business tool ‘deliverBEST’

Businesses can complete the non-technical questions relating to three air quality issues. Based on the information supplied, the tool instantly provides a concise list of actions appropriate to factors such as business location, sector and tenancy type. The business can then make an informed decision as to what they need to do next to reduce emissions.

Throughout 2017 CRP will be proactively engaging with MLEN businesses by identifying those that could benefit from the services, demonstrating potential cost savings and working towards improving air in the area.

If you would like your business to be evaluated please contact Vicky Keeble, Programme Manager –






CRP Team members

Vicky Keeble

Deliver London Programme Manager