Heart of London Deliveries and Wastes Programme

Heart of London Business Alliance is reducing delivery and service vehicles for businesses and properties across the Business Improvement District (BID) area to reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality.

Heart of London recognises that pollution levels in the West End are unacceptably high and it has become a major concern of residents and businesses. In recent years, London has seen an exponential growth of delivery vehicles on London’s streets which, when coupled with buses, taxis and construction traffic, leads to increased congestion. This contributes to the area’s poor air quality.

Cross River Partnership has developed and will deliver this plan with and on behalf of Heart of London over the next four years. The programme will include assessment of waste vehicles, office supplies and personal delivery vehicles and will work with businesses to reduce the amount of waste that they produce.  By using a direct approach with businesses; traffic congestion and air pollution will be reduced by the following initiatives:
• Supporting businesses to review their supply chains and make improvements.
• Offering businesses a new Commercial Waste collection service.
• Establishing the Heart of London Preferred Suppliers list, with a range of approved suppliers.
• Offering Waste Minimisation and Sustainable Practice reviews such as, reduction of disposable supplies.
• Offering a reliable wastes collection supplier with off-street waste collection options and reducing the visibility of waste on the streets.
• Reviewing business practice to incorporate reverse logistic options.
• For new sites, give advice for options to Construction work vehicle consolidation.
• Exploring alternative travel to work options including cycle schemes.
• Offering solutions to businesses to redirect personal deliveries from their building location.

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