Greening The BIDs

The Greening the BIDs (GtB) programme supports Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and the wider business community to deliver Green Infrastructure (GI) projects in the urban realm.

Over the past five years, supported by seed funding from the Mayor of London, Drain London Fund and Natural England, Cross River Partnership has coordinated The Greening the BIDs Steering Group, bringing together Business Improvement District to deliver 19 Green Infrastructure Audits and 16 GI installations, including rain gardens, green walls and green roofs, across central London.  The Living Wall on the side of the Rubens Hotel in Victoria is one high profile example.

To showcase the installations delivered by our partners, celebrate successful public/private collaboration, articulate the multi-functional benefits of GI, inspire a wider audience and attract future funders, CRP has worked with its partners to produce a short inspirational video, Green Capital – green infrastructure for a future city.  This is accompanied by a user-friendly brochure of successful green infrastructure installation case studies, along with information and advice about the benefits and a delivering GI ‘how to’ guide.

The longer-term ambition of CRP and its partners is to inspire a network of green spaces that have a positive local and aggregate effect on air quality, localised flooding and wildlife habitat – adapting our city to climate change and making it more environmentally resilient.  GI in an urban landscape can also promote healthy living and active travel, enhancing the public realm and making it more liveable and attractive for residents, businesses and visitors.

Cross River Partnership was pleased to be shortlisted for an Estates Gazette ‘Collaborators Award’ (2016) for the Greening the BIDs partnership and to win a Silver Clarion Award (2016) for the Greening the BIDs video. Please click here for the Collaborators Magazine which includes our submission.

CLARION_SILVERzEstates Gazette2

“London has 14 of the top 15 areas nationally at risk of surface water flooding with around 1.4 million properties vulnerable to an extreme rainstorm. Maintaining and enhancing London's green cover is essential to ensuring environmental resilience, as well as protecting wildlife bio-diversity and providing attractive, liveable public spaces that we all want . The GTB project demonstrates how the public and private sectors is working together to deliver a future-proofed London.”

CRP Team members

Susannah Wilks


Project stats

19 Green Infrastructure Audits
Green Infrastructure Installations deliveredn
£2.5m of public and private investment

Project partners

Drain London
Kings Cross and St Pancras Business Partnership