Cross River Tram

The CRT project has been discussed for many decades, however CRP took up the project in 2002. The project was developed to create physical and social links between the two sides of the river in central London, breaking down barriers and creating conditions for economic growth.

The project was also developed in response to the need to alleviate congestion on the Victoria and Northern Underground lines, as well as provide a new link from Camden through Central London to Peckham and Brixton. This route was carefully selected to give maximum benefit to most people. The CRT aimed to carry up to 9,000 people per hour, per direction, in peak periods.

This project is currently shelved with TfL due to funding issues. If you have questions regarding land use please contact your local authority.

The aims of the project were to:

  • Make journeys more pleasant with large windows to open up views
  • Ease overcrowding on London’s public transport
  • Provide an environmentally friendly link to central London as a real alternative to cars
  • Act as a catalyst to investment, as well as linking regeneration projects along its route
  • Focus attention on London with an eyecatching asset to tourism and a state of the art transport system
  • Halve journey times into central London for some sections of the route
  • Integratevwith the Oyster ticketing system