Click. Collect. Clean Air.

A behaviour change campaign promoting ‘click & collect’ for online shopping purchases instead of personal deliveries to work.

No one likes missing a delivery at home, but having online shopping sent to work addresses in central London adds to traffic congestion and air pollution. (It also means you have to carry shopping home on the bus or train!)

‘Click & collect’ options including collecting instore, Amazon Lockers, Doddle and Parcelly  help reduce the number of vans on our streets, making central London a nicer, safer and healthier place to visit, shop and work.

Our website maps parcel collection points across London and the U.K, making it easy to identify a convenient collection point. We have also negotiated discounts on many of the premium paid-for services, meaning you can test alternative services for free.

The Click. Collect. Clean Air. website is supported by leaflets, posters and a promotional video.  CRP partners, such as City of London have co-branded to host through their own communication channels.

Please contact CRP’s Sefinat Otaru if you would like to brand and promote the Click. Collect. Clean Air. campaign to businesses and employees in your area.

“Prohibiting personal deliveries has improved the efficiency of the post room, allowing us to focus on core business processes. ”

Post Room Manager, John Lewis Head Office

CRP Team members

Brendon Harper

Air Quality Project Manager

Sefinat Otaru

Business Engagement Officer