Building London Creating Futures

Construction is one of the biggest employment sectors in London. CRP initially helped central London residents to access long-term worthwhile jobs in the sector through its award-winning workplace co-ordinator scheme. This emphasis on sustainable employment has now been fully embraced by mainstream government initiatives such as the Work Programme.

In the Building London Creating Futures project, the team worked with some of the biggest names in the construction industry, getting to know their recruitment needs. That knowledge was then taken into the community and used to target suitable candidates and offer customised training and support. The project targeted harder to reach residents who might not have otherwise applied for these roles.

The original project covered only the CRP area, however, after a successful bid for European Funding by the London Borough of Southwark, it was expanded to cover the whole of central London.

The BLCF partnership addresses challenges such as the shortage of skilled labour in the central London construction industry and the difficulties experienced by local people, particularly black and minority ethnic and disadvantaged groups, in finding and sustaining employment. The partnership also makes commercial sense by helping business fulfil their social obligations, with local labour clauses being written into contracts and sub-contracts.

CRP is continuing this important work though delivery of the Greater London Authority’s Construction Employer Accord.