Brixton Street Market Regeneration

Mayor's High Street Fund

In April 2015 Lambeth Council, supported by Cross River Partnership, and working in partnership with the Brixton Market Traders’ Federation (BMTF), secured £869,000 from Round 1 of the Mayor’s High Street Fund – the highest award in London.

The money will be invested to sustain and improve Brixton’s famous and iconic street market. Lambeth is supporting this investment with £380,000 of its own money, bringing total investment to £1.24m by June 2016.

The Brixton HSF street market project will deliver:

  • a 5 year development strategy and delivery action plan for improving Brixton’s street market;
  • RIBA Stage 2 designs for Pope’s Road and Brixton Station Road and RIBA Stage 3 designs for Electric Avenue; and
  • physical improvements to Electric Avenue, including new market entrance features; improved hard surfacing and electricity and water supply for traders; free Wi-Fi and card payment systems; and the world’s first local currency cash machine

Building on the Sustainable Urban Markets project and the 28 proposals set out in Sustainable Urban Markets – An Action Plan for London, Cross River Partnership is supporting Lambeth Council by providing Programme Management of the HSF project.

Delivery by June 2016 will provide:

  • a safer, more attractive and clean environment for traders, residents and shoppers, including a new stall layout
  • an increase in the number of traders, shoppers and trade, including passing trade; and
  • a reverse in the decline of the much loved street market – so it can continue to provide jobs and serve the local community, Lambeth and London

Market experts, Quarterbridge, and architects, Gort Scott, have worked together to develop initial design proposals, which are out to consultation until 4th September 2015. The designs proposals can be viewed here and responses to trader queries here.


“Brixton’s street market is part of the very fabric of heritage, culture, commerce and community. However, it has suffered in recent years from competition from supermarkets, discounters and the internet, changes in consumer behaviour and strained local resources. To be part of the effort to sustain the market into the future – a place that provides vital local jobs and affordable enterprise opportunities, goods and services - is a both exciting and a privilege.”

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Project stats

Brixton has been home to a street market since the 1880s
In 2015 59% of traders interviewed indicated trade was “worse” this year than last
65% of Brixton street market patrons are female

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