Freight TAILS to tackle Voluntary Behaviour Change

18th September 2017 / Posted by Sefinat Otaru

CRP’s Freight TAILS network of 10 European cities is back for the next phase of our project.

Following a lovely summer, we are preparing for our next transnational network meeting in La Rochelle, France, from October 17 – 18, where we will focus on urban freight transport and Voluntary Behaviour Change (VBC).

Our member cities are currently examining local programs and considering aspects such as:

  • Types of change that can be achieved through VBC measures and possible barriers;
  • Advantages of VBC over other measures (regulation, for example);
  • How VBC can be achieved;
  • Stakeholders with the most influence to ensure change; and
  • Factors that show VBC has been achieved.

For more details, or to share your ideas on this topic, please contact CRP Project Manager, Charlotte Knell.

Freight TAILS is co-funded by ERDF through the URBACT III programme.